Vote Smeagol 2016 – A Candidate You Can Trust

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m honored and excited to bring you this special announcement.

Though the media has not yet picked up on this story, word has just been leaked to this author through an inside source, of an official latecomer to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election race.

The candidate in question is none other than Smeagol, a former hobbit best known for his role in The Lord Of The Rings.

The initial press briefing took place behind closed doors, yet has had the good fortune of obtaining these unreleased still photos of Smeagol’s early campaign platform.

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One Of America’s Great Literary Icons On What It Means To Vote

With November just around the corner in this election year of 2016, partisan political discourse is at its usual 4-year fever pitch.  In antidote, I present the following collection of quotes from one of America’s great literary icons of the 19th century, Henry David Thoreau.

Thoreau is best known for Walden, his widely celebrated ode to nature and radical self-reliance. Tragically, few today are as familiar with his other works, which are no less superb, including his withering critique on the character of voting and obeisance to the State from the classic, On the Duty Of Civil Disobedience, that is said to have influenced Tolstoy and Gandhi.

As we are made to suffer yet again under a delusion that the future of the free world is staked on the outcome of another ham-handed dog and pony show, these words are worth bearing in mind, as well as taking to heart  …

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