Water Connoisseurs, Inquire Within


The Compass That Calibrates Itself

the compass that calibrates itself

Ought there not to be such a thing as a water connoisseur?  Somewhere in this wide world, I can imagine that there are indeed a collection of individuals, perhaps banded together over the internet from remote corners of the globe, who share a deep devotion for an appreciation of the simple aspect of imbibing H20.

If true it would strike us all as a curiosity, no doubt, if only because pure water is thought to be an odorless, flavorless substance. In and of itself it has no taste, no texture, no color, no viscosity, yet it serves as the base by which all other liquids through the introduction of some other component do take on those characteristics.

Nonetheless, let’s imagine what it would be like to be a connoisseur of water.

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